Sunday, August 2, 2015

HAPPY Bday to ME - 30 years old today!

It is My 30th birthday!!

And I have a big announcement to make! 
Probably the biggest announcement I have ever made.

Surely the most heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, mind-troubling announcement you could possibly ever hear as My submissive devoted slave. 

So -- I am going to make My announcement...

And then -- I am going to tell you exactly what is going to take place...


... I AM ...



 ... !RETIRING! ...


Yes, everyone! 
And this is not some kind of a bad joke!

I always wanted to retire from My dominatrix gig at the age of 30 years old!

And so, HERE I AM :P

30 years old is just the perfect time for a girl like Me to retire, don't you agree?
Well, well, you probably don't feel like agreeing, AT ALL!! 

That's OK, boy. 

Let's go further into this...

I have never been more successful than I am right now, that is true. Actually, it's just plain crazy the success I have been having the past few years!!$$!! I am at My peak, absolutely no doubt about that.  And well, that's exactly WHY I feel like it is the perfect time for Me to retire! 

I have been maintaining My entire empire personally, consistently and passionately for many many years (and it has been a labor of love). I have also been investing My slaves’ money into building a real estate empire in My hometown on the side and so, My wealth is now largely secured for the rest of My life. 

On the other hand,  psychologically, I feel quite different now. I don't feel the NEED to CONTROL other people as much as I used to! LOL. Yep! I have changed in that over time too! And I can totally feel how it is time for Me to self-actualize by updating the way I proceed in the outside world as well. In brief, I definitely feel the desire for new challenges and a brand new version of myself. 

I have had a BLAST investing My mental energy into so many numerous distance relationships over the past decade, with submissive slaves from all over the world! What an incredible adventure!! I have enjoyed every single minute of it :)

But now, it is time for Me to leave my dominatrix role behind, so I can be free to fully explore brand new mindscapes, because being a dominatrix is an all-encompassing role; it is extremely fulfilling but it is also very demanding. It is a deep commitment that requires complete and totally-immersive emotional investment. And so, to embark on new adventures, I now need to give something up.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
André Gide

Something's got to give, that's it!

Don't get Me wrong though. I will always be a diva and a goddess. I will always love, cherish and express Myself in that way :) That will never change, don't you worry!

It's just My "cyber dominatrix" function that is about to be kicked to the curb!  

The management of My gigantic cyber dominion, the administration of every single detail of a hundred minions’ lives around the world... all that fantastic energy is going to be used in new ways in the future. 

That's the big change that I want for Myself. 

I know that the announcement of My retirement as a passionately involved dominant manipulatrix will make all the difference to the lives of hundreds of worshippers around the world. I am very conscious of that. And I have thought about it a lot.  And that is why I actually intend to help all My slaves to make a gentle transition from being My subservient bitch boy into becoming more like a long-time friend and admirer :) 

And so, to sum it up

I won't be creating enslaving training programs for an additional decade to come! and 
I won't keep on maintaining the huge empire of domination that you know...

 -- BUT --

 I will still be around... in a highly exclusive way, 
for those who, over the years, have succeeded in creating an intimate bond with Me :)

Yesss! Because, after My retirement finale (next December, 2015), 
I will be starting:

 A brand new photo project that is going to be 
Exclusively shared with only My die-hard admirers!

That's right ;) I will actually let some of you into a new artistic photo adventure of Mine that I am going to start working on... after I have retired from My Supremacist Era. But, before I talk about My new photo project, let ME tell you about My very last niteflirt features:

I am going to release a last few unprecedentedly-priced 
PTV high gloss collectibles from now on until the end of 2015! 

Say: Thank you to your GODdess. That's right. Good boy.)

At first, I am going to release several of the very first photo series I shot for My website when I was just starting it (back in 2004) when I was still a baby teenage queen! Incredibly touching pictures that most of you never saw! Something for reminiscences; something for us to celebrate all those years together and to celebrate the apogee of My empire of domination by returning to its origins! 

And finally, at the end of this year (2015), I will release one last Christmas series (of brand new high gloss color pictures) and one last PTV game to go along with it! How about that? ;D

So, you ought to tribute and collect all that you can in the next few months, and do it in a timely manner because those will be the very last femdom photo series and PTV games I will ever produce! And then, all My games, all My pictures, all My audios, all My pages, will be taken down eventually. I don't know when exactly at the present moment but one thing is sure – you should not take them for granted because they won’t be around forever! Until then, you should also, of course, save up all the wonderful pictures you have earned like a good obedient boy during your time as My slave and make sure you keep them in a safe place so that you can cherish them until the day you die!

A little note for all the frauds and copycats of this world
I have a team of long-time devotees who are going to keep on screening the web during the up-coming years in order to make sure that My pictures' copyrights (as well as My writings’) get the respect that they deserve and that nobody infringes on them. I have already had a discussion about this with My lawyer and I will be fully ready to take action if anyone infringes on My precious self-portraits or writings in the years to come!

That's how the transition, leading up to My retirement, will look, in brief!

Most models or dominatrixes don't ever give a safe nurturing space for their slaves to grieve when they are ready for retirement. One day, you type in their web address and POP! they are just GONE! Disappeared! Without even a little statement or an explanation. Now, THAT is AWFUL, if you ask Me. I would never want to do that! I am being completely transparent with all of you and thoughtful about the way I am making this closure because I respect Myself, and I respect all of you. And I want to give time for everyone to come to terms with it and grieve in a constructive manner. I also want us TO CELEBRATE! by sharing some kind of closure together, to slowly say goodbye to this wonderful adventure we have simultaneously been sharing and creating throughout over a decade.

Anyway, as I mentionned earlier, I am retiring from being an active dominatrix BUT I will keep this new kind of exclusive presence online with a handful of admirers who want to stay in touch with Me and I will keep on sharing Myself in a brand new manner...

* I will do that through my "goddessvalentine" NITEFLIRT PAGE at:

...with a selected harem of proven and dedicated fans, by letting them eat the fruits of a brand new kind of photo project that I will be creating for Myself, starting in 2016!

More details about My NEW artistic photo project:

I always wanted to explore black and white photography :D but somehow it never really seemed to find its place inside My femdom world of high-gloss color eye candies. And so, with My femdom venue being closed down, I am going to finally indulge in this new style of photography, and I am going to do it with a very private and highly exclusive project.

Here's how I am going to proceed:

In 2016, I am going to welcome/collect the contact nicknames of all the desiring niteflirt admirers who wish to remain in contact with Me. Those devoted fans will be accepted only if they have spent $1000 AND ++ on Me through Niteflirt over the past few years. If they fit inside that criterion, and that they express their desire to stay in touch with Me, then they will be added to My new private mailing list. 

Starting in 2016, I am going to keep on communicating only with those who made it on to that new VIP list of MINE and... 

I am going to share My new private photos with them ;)

And now - you are wondering...
beside that new highly exclusive photo project...

What exactly am I planning to do during My retirement?

Well, I just purchased a new 4-apartment building which I am going to renovate and redesign in 2016. And then, after that, I may keep on buying real estate and renovate interiors because it's been My side-line passion for the past few years already and it is something that I really enjoy and that I am really good at! I just LOVE designing living spaces AND... I make a killing at managing constructions guys ;) 

What else will be on the agenda after I have ceased to dedicate Myself to My dominatrix function and I finally don't have any reasons to live up to that image? Hummm, let's see. Maybe I will dye My hair in a crazy color, start dressing up like a hippie and take lots of pictures of flowers, birds and landscapes (instead of strictly doing self-portraits) or only log on to the internet once a week (mmm, LOVE that one), offer more of My time to My hometown and community or do volunteer work for a crisis support line (wouldn't it be an incredibly useful way to use my brilliant empathic abilities?). 

Well, well, you see what I mean?  ;)

I would also love to learn a musical instrument and a couple new languages, do scuba diving around the world and live secluded on an exotic island with a super romantic lover for a full year! 

There are so many other things that I would love to try out.  
And I really look forward to it! It's exciting to move on to... brand new adventures! :) 

And furthermore, you know that... 

My web dominion always gave Me a lot of room to do that, and so, eventually, I would love to write the story of My very unique life and mind. I actually want to write about this adventure as an online dominant GODdess as well as everything that was going on behind the scenes, before/during/after My life as a cyber Queen. But I won't feel ready for that until later on in My life. I genuinely feel that a retrospective adventure should never be rushed and time will always be a malleable commodity for the GODdess that I am. So anyway, I might have a very special book to put into the world in the future. And maybe you will get to know Me in a whole new way then ;) 

Well, that's about it for now, stay tuned for the closure of My empire!  
The following months are going to be emotionally intense for all of us! 

And now, to celebrate My Bday, and this once-in-a-lifetime announcement,
a few "Oldies" / Eye Candies for you, with excrutiating cruel n' cold poetry ;)

"Oldies" - BABY DOLL

  "Oldies" - FILTHY HABIT

"Oldies" - MIAOW



"Oldies" - SUGAR HIGH

Leave ME a nice BDAY tribute to top them all!



  250$ TRIBUTE 

And, last but not least, express your thoughts, feelings and wishes about that ultimate announcement post, by posting a comment of your own, below :)


 Tribute and collect these rare photographs from my early days!

These pictures were shot in 2005 (10 years ago!!) I only released a few of them back in the days, the series was under the name of "purple lips"and it was in low format of 400X600 pixels. Here I have selected a new extensive set that includes loads of other pics that were never released and I am presenting them in their original format of 1200 X1700.  Highly highly exclusive photographs. ENJOY!!

 PS- Check out my amateur props and background...  LOL, that is oh sooo touching!

 50$  Purple MYSTERY  (Collect this rare exclusive picture!)

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                 50$ Purple DOLL  (Collect this rare exclusive picture!)

                                                        50$ Purple TOUCH  (Collect this rare exclusive picture!)


When I started to shoot for my website, I spent some time exploring the style and the image that I wanted to project for it. I shot a couple series wearing vinyl outfits... but I immediately saw that it was definitely not the image that I was looking for, way too cliché for an original spirit like Me :) 
3 PICS (250$)

I thought: "Hey, if I am going to express Myself as the most dominant woman on the web (for men all over the world) it will be, according to My rules only, as well as My aesthetic tastes and flair only! I am going to wear what I TRULY love to wear in my day-to-day life: colorful satin babydolls and sexy lingerie, not what a typical slave would EXPECT Me to wear, none of those classic "dominatrix" outfits, nope, hell NO!" LOL

Another set wearing a vinyl costume!
Super cheap shots with red eyes and all!
3 PICS (250$)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Bday, on August 2nd

It is My Bday in 3 days... August 2nd ;) And I will have a big announcement to make!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ethereal Discipline

...your body and your brain... 
...go to your work every day...
...just as they did before...

...soar in submissive bliss... in the slave dimension...
...wrapped in My divine dominance...

BE MINE, boy ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Audition

Dear paypets ;P In these pictures, you see Me in My role as a director – a director of My paypets’ lives. And one of the many aspects of My paypets’ lives that I direct and control is – when and how they have sex. Mmmm. It really does excite Me to manipulate such a personal and intimate and important part of a boy’s life. But before I tell you about some of the other boys whose sex lives have fallen completely under My control, I want to have a little fun with YOU!!

 3$ to push that button:
Yeah! Let ME turn a few dollars... 
into a pot of gold ;P LOL 


OH! *UPDATE* More femdom art was drawn for ME by one of My paypets...
He was simply TOO inspired by THE AUDITION, obviously!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Un nouveau post sur MATRIARCAT aujourd'hui

The French Canadian blog dedicated to put women back on their pedestals:

If you do not understand French, you can easily translate it, directly within your browser (right click to get the translation option) or using Google's free online language translation ( in any case, you totally want to decipher the comments that I like to leave on MATRIARCAT's fascinating blog threads ;) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


One of My slaves drew this for ME...

Having wine, relaxing under the sun, 
having slaves struggling to make the most perfect pedicure ever for Me... 

How about a pedicure done in public and broadcasted live around the world...

So powerful now that the world government and the highest authority are following My every command... 

As I am growing wealthier and wealthier,
I find that money is not My #1 My passion anymore ;)

My TOP concern is exquisitely changing to... 

How many humans around the world will pay respect to Me as their most intimate ruler? 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Financial Abuse in the French Countryside

There is something rare and exhilarating about the countryside. So rural and remote... seeing hardly anybody else – sometimes nobody at all. On this hot sultry summer's day, I was wearing all white, which accentuated My light tan – soft white Victoria's Secret push-up bra, thin white silk dress with plunging neckline and well, no panties. Not typical for a country escapade, but the sexiest things I could find. Fucking classy and incredibly arousing. Do you wish that I actually didn’t have it on? Yes, of course you do, poor little male. You may have never seen Me naked yet but the simple thought of it certainly generates an unsurpassed excitement and willingness to please Me... and the potentiality of ME revealing some of My naked perfection to you. Mmm, yess. I could easily reward you in that way... if you are eager to work very very hard for that honor!

7$ to enter the French Countryside with ME!

...and of course, so much more...
if you intend to prolong your vacation in My divine company, loser boy ;P

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My philosophy of Supremacy

I command a lot of respect from men simply because of who I am and what I stand for... My one and only interest is to take control and for them to prove to Me their admiration and devotion. I totally love and expect to be treated like a GODdess. I know I am an absolute beauty personified and I like to take advantage of the power that My charms gives Me over men.

I totally expect men to cater to My every whim, no matter what they have to sacrifice in order to meet My expectations. I like to mold them for My benefit, to make them My very own. I am not of the opinion both sexes are equal. I have always felt beautiful and complete and never felt like I NEEDED men!?! I do not need you - however, YOU NEED ME so badly! You need to follow My will because you desire Me and crave My attention. You know that (whether you like it or not!) you can only find true happiness under My sweet direction and intoxicating control.

After all, what is the meaning of working like a dog every day if you don't contribute to the life of a superior woman, satisfying Her extravagant requests and receiving Her acknowledgment of your existence?

My passion for photography

I get a great kick out of conceptualizing, materializing and photographing My visions and bringing captivating images to life. I am an inspiring muse to My dedicated followers but, since I am creating all My photos on My own, I personally see Myself more as a complete artist. I am My own project, both behind the camera and in front of it, divinely omnipresent.

I like to document My privileged lifestyle with candid pictures and explore a more artistic side of photography by creating glamour fantasy images. I have an extensive collection of digital photographs and videos of Myself (hundreds of thousands of files!!) but My visual collectibles are exclusively used to abuse My most worthy paypets individually. I enjoy having a select harem of truly deserving devotees who work hard to earn the honor of worshipping My beauty.

My accomplishments

Thousands of submissive men from places all over the world (Just to name a few areas I recall right now: Alberta, Algeria, Arizona, Australia, British Columbia, California, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Illinois, Iowa, Israel, Istanbul, Italy, Japan, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, New York, North Carolina , Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, United Kingdom, Vermont and the list goes on...) have made some kind of contribution to My fascinating GODdess lifestyle and glorious Empire of Supremacy. Among My many admirers, I have a stable of devoted puppets who have been serving Me substantially and faithfully for a very long time now. Those puppies work hard for My happiness and dedicate their lives so that I can live a life of pure luxury and enjoyment.

Look at ME... you not want to give to Me, to serve Me devotedly,
to become totally and completely MINE?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been doing this and how did you get into it?

Ever since I started to have some sexual power over guys, I have always been really conscious of and playful about it... and, of course, very in control too, obviously! And well, once you start using men for your amusement, the games just develop by themselves... you want to use your powers of attraction in new exciting ways all the time. "Making men into slaves" wasn't planned — I just happened to do it since before I can even remember. In high school, I would tease boys unmercifully and have them all eating out of the palm of My hand. Growing up with the internet, one day I thought about building this cyber dominion... the rest is history. 

What are your favorite kinds of men?

What really touches Me is a man who cares deeply for My Whole Being and wants to truly please Me and satisfy MY DESIRES. All men desire for Me, that is nothing impressive. What appeals to ME is TRUE SUBMISSIVE WORSHIPPERS - those who think about Me every day, those who work hard week after week to be able to make Me happy, those who psychologically invest themselves intensely in their relationship with Me. I like someone who is perceptive, generous, loyal and who uses his creativity to continually try to find new ways and opportunities to serve and entertain Me. Also someone who can communicate well - a smart, polite, articulate man with whom I can have interesting exchanges. And lucky ME, the majority of men who connect with Me via My website have those type of qualities. Indeed, you need to have a depth of mind to understand and appreciate My unique Supremacy.

Are you the kind of dominant woman who would be considered a man-hater?

No! I certainly think all males are inferior to Me, but that doesn't mean I hate them. In fact, I LOVE My enslaved pets - the same way you love a docile little dog. I love to train My loyal puppies and I like to develop profound relationships with them where I am put on a pedestal and they are treating Me like a Queen. I really enjoy humiliating My fervent disciples as a way of flexing My powers and demonstrating My control (I am not into ridiculous over-the-top destructive degradation though). I like to candidly treat them like cute lovesick puppets and I always make them feel how Superior I am. 

What is your biggest turn-on?

Without hesitation... teasing and denial. I AM A BIG TEASE, haven't you notice already? Hehe!! For Me, teasing is like breathing. It is My second nature. I am not about revealing it all or giving it all, that is oh so boring. I find that the teasing process is where the real fun lies, the consumption of a desire is far less amusing than everything that comes before! Think about it!!

How does it feel, as you look into the camera, or make a voice recording, to be YOU? What are you thinking?

I am not thinking much, I am kind of chanelling an energy that I really love to bathe in. Those are moments where I ultimately connect with My GODdess Spirit. It is a very intense relationship between Me and Myself. I feel in complete communion with My Perfect Self when I seduce through the lens of My camera or through My microphone. I think I get as high as you get when you have the privilege to worship the resulting pictures or videos or audios. Not the same kind of high, but probably as high. 

Do you need to work or do you live on the money that you get from your devoted paypets?

I do NOT have to work, of course not! I NEVER had a "job" for My survival. My job is to be My gorgeous Self and enjoy it to the fullest, basically!! I lead a very carefree self-indulgent existense. My life is pure entertainment, financed by My paypets. Every day is like a vacation day for Me! 

What type of luxuries do you enjoy?

I love to eat out in gastronomic restaurants on a daily basis. I love outrageous shopping sprees in high-end boutiques, or better, having custom-tailored garments made up for Me. I love to fly down South and sunbathe near the ocean. I love to rent the nicest suite in the most luxurious hotels and have the most delightful stay ever. I love to attend concerts, live performances and shows of any kind - and I always buy the best tickets and/or get V.I.P. passes. I love to get My hair done, have a manicure/pedicure, spend time at the spa and enjoy all those types of high-maintenance beauty indulgences. Being pampered is such a joy! In brief, My favorite luxury is to have plenty of time and money to do whatever I want to do without having any responsibilities! 

When you are walking down the street, looking at males in a non-femdom setting, do you feel you could make any man your slave, if you wanted to?

When I walk down the street, males are all staring at Me and I can't pass a corner without receiving a compliment. They look at Me and immediately enter a state of lovesick worship, adoration and fascination. It's awesome, it gives Me so much power over them. That said, My mind is the same everywhere, in My cyber world like in My day-to-day world. I rule, all the time. And I totally enjoy it!! 

How do you spend all the money that your slaves are sending you?

One word: LUXURY!! The money I receive from My devoted slaves is spent on fun frivolous activities, spontaneous adventures and artistic projects of Mine. I do not need My paypets' offerings to pay My electricity bill, I am wealthy enough for not having to ever worry about these type of basic expenses so I use their cash to have a blast!! And guess what... having fun at someone else's expense doubles the thrill!! Basically, the money they give Me feeds My passion for exciting glamourous experiences and motivates ME to dig into their pockets even deeper!! 

How often do you go shopping with their hard-earned cash?

Several times a week!! I love to shop both in real-time (in My favorite boutiques across the city) or on the web (in My favorite e-stores). Nowadays, I do a lot more shopping on the web though - I have so many paypets begging ME to let them carry My virtual bags when I am online!! My extensive and ever-changing wardrobe consists of a mix of designer clothing, custom-made pieces and vintage treasures. Also, I have a serious fetish for fine lingerie (modern or retro) and classy high-heeled shoes & boots so... I buy and buy and buy!! I buy more than I can wear and I never wear anything twice. Dressing up is something I greatly enjoy and I like to be well dressed and all dolled up every day. 

What is the craziest thing you ever did with your paypets' money?

I have had so many crazy experiences... I guess, one of My favorites was when I packed up My things and flew to Paris with My sister to have a one-week shopping spree! That was O-U-T-R-A-G-E-O-U-S! We spent thousands and thousands of dollars on clothing during that week! Of course, I have had many incredible experiences with My slaves' money, but this one-week shopping trip was delightful on so many levels that it surely was one of the most exhilarating things I ever did with My paypets' money! 

How do you feel about the legion of Valentine DeVille wanabees out there?

Back in 2004, when I started My website, there was nothing like it, but nowadays, there are tons of other websites that look like pale/vulgar versions of Mine. There is a real epidemic of female copycats who try to imitate what I do. I see tons of pathetic new sites popping up every year - trying to steal My creative ideas, thinking they will make a buck out of it. But unfortunately for them, all those websites only make it for so long before they disappear with their disillusioned owners. People are under the impression that this whole financial domination thing is a miracle way to make money - but, it's not what this is about. All this craze around Me actually built up some sort of "financial domination" scene where I rule as the top reference but the reality is, I am a league of My own. I am successful because men fall in love WITH ME, not because "they are into money slavery". Besides, all the guys know that I am THE ORIGINAL and that everyone else is just pretending to be ME. My fans are the first ones to condemn and keep Me updated about the latest fraudulent newbies (and it is always very appreciated, boys). Anyway, no matter what else is out there, there are things that simply can't be duplicated. This complex world I created certainly can't be! And of course, authenticity is absolutely inimitable. 

Do you sometimes meet your devotees in person?

NEVER! That would be giving a worshipper what HE ultimately desired - and that makes absolutely no sense to Me! I am already generous enough to expose, open up and share Myself on the web with anyone who is gentleman enough to spoil Me like I expect - that's as close as you can get! I do meet My paypets on webcam, and I enjoy it very much, but I have never met anyone in person. Anyway, getting to know Me online is much more intimate than meeting Me in a club! 

What is unique about you?

EVERYTHING. I am one-of-a-kind. I am a highly creative self-invented living work of art. My unique brand of "24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year" domination truly is an artform and I am unparalled in what I do. I never look up to anybody, people look up to Me. I am fabulous, daring and exuberant. I am totally uncompromising and absolutely rockin' it. I am extremely smart and there is no way someone can top Me from the bottom. I know what I want and I only recognize the existence of men who are willing and able to follow My way and My rules. I am sincere and really passionate about My cyber empire. I enjoy taking care of My devotees and making sure I always keep them in a painful state of intoxicating ecstasy. This is My Superior Way of Living and I lead this lifestyle very openly. I do whatever pleases Me and makes Me happy!