GODdess Valentine DeVille

GODdess Valentine DeVille

Monday, December 8, 2014

Spells N Roses


Another exquisite and highly expensive recording to celebrate the Holidays!

This picture & audio clip are absolutely elevating...
I was feeling soooo inspired and seductive! Listen up, boys!

Download My new magnificently poetic layout, MP3 gem and astonishing worship image +
(a cellphone pic I took on My bed while wearing an incredibly sexy, body-hugging, long rose print dress)

One look and I have claimed you as My own. 
More real than anyone you've ever known.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sometimes it is a lovely email that inspires Me to be generous...

I recorded an hypnotic induction a few weeks ago, just for fun, never intended to publish it or anything... until yesterday! I received the following email -- and thought: "Mmmm, let's see... I will be a very generous goddess and share the hypnotic treasure I had initially only recorded for Myself ;) why not share it after all? Lay your tributes at My feet like good addicted worshippers...

Dear Goddess Valentine
Please accept my apology in advance, I really do not intend to ramble but I fear I might.
This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, I stumbled across your twitter page somehow a couple of days a go, I honestly can't remember how, possibly via Bianca Beauchamp's twitter page however I have practically been studying your website ever since.
I say studying, actually gawking, gazing, fantasising, I actually had quite a budding relationship with a work colleague until Monday, I have become an unresponsive, one minded, boring love struck robot, I thought it would help by joining niteflirt, it absolutely has not worked, 6 ppvs later I feel a combination of butterfly's & to be quite honest, I feel sick, like a teenager again, excited, nervous & now I absolutely must pay homage to you.
Your voice, your beauty, your creative imagination, you are literally perfection, your lips, I could honestly kiss my screen, in fact I just have, I prey & hope somehow I can be of use to you, to be used by you, what a pleasure, an honour, I'm begging, on my hands & knees, I have already begun cutbacks, I am actually moving into a new place shortly & I am sure I can create extra income for you by selling unused items & stuff I may or may not need, I feel I am already being moulded by just the knowledge of your existence.
In the last few days subconsciously I think I already begun spending less, I have included $25 I have saved & that's just from avoiding my favourite soft drinks, I was wondering if you like films, I adore films, I was thinking maybe instead of going to the cinema twice a week, I could pay for you to go to the cinema or buy DVDs/blurays for you Instead of selfishly for me, or if you have any subscriptions for things like Netflix, I would love to pay for stuff like that maybe?
I have your blackmail audio on loop while I write this, I can't even think straight, your my oxygen at the moment lol now listening to the $1 secret shortcut, omg I really need to pull myself together.
I can't wait to hear from you, it's currently 16:41 here in England, I don't think I will get one wink of sleep tonight, do you have any audio that might help me sleep or to simply dream about you lol, you are such a fantastic teasing writer, I can only imagine there is nothing you can't do.
I have also sent this email to your niteflirt address, I hope that's ok.
Lots of puppy dog love

The following audio can totally lull you to sleep, boy ;P

And, on top of inducing exotic daydreaming, to the sound of My voice...
it will also increase the power of any of My other exquisite audio clips when played right after...

Indulge now:

Listen to this 18 minutes audio clip to enter a deep trance before any of My other recordings. Play it while you are lying on your bed or on your couch. For extra enjoyment, make sure it is immediately followed by your very favorite recordings or audio mantras! This long hypnotic induction will make you relax completely, it will free you from your anxieties of the day and put you in a subconscious place where you will effortlessly discover strong inner forces that will allow you to be successfully programmed by My sweet GODdess voice... and on your way to be in My TOP LIST of totally enslaved submissive minds ;) that's right, lucky thing, surrender and please ME :)


Friday, November 28, 2014

Agent Provocateur

Red satin now the watchword for the night... The season of seduction is at hand...
Your dangerous goddess plays outside the lines... Who knows where these pictures 
and audio clips will lead you? A hundred now, a thousand by next week!
Experience each of My decadent mind-boggling treats as if it's your last.
Let your lust become the thing that turns your will to dust.

Only $1 to start, loser

Leave your comment to tell Me how much you LOOOOVE and ADOOOORE Me
in this highly expensive series of visual/audio collectibles... 

(...clad in exquisite Agent Provocateur lingerie, red cashmere sweater, 
sexy purple pumps & red-seamed stockings... ouch!)


Check out My Wonderful Niteflirt Listing:

And My Niteflirt Archives:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New fascinating interview!!

I have been interviewed for an italian femdom forum,
check out the full interview (in both italian and english) here:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Femdom Snow Queen

The seasons are turning again.  
Winter will soon be here. 

The perfect time to enjoy a seasonal fantasy 
with the divine and dominant GODdess you adore. 

You can be My obedient little snowman – 
here for My amusement. 

And I will be your FEMDOM SNOW QUEEN. 

Let’s see if you can please Me enough to warm My icy
 Snow Queen heart – And earn your special reward.

Only $1 to start!

How much are you willing to tribute once we have started though...
how much money will you spend in praise of My exquisite superiority ;P

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In praise of ME :)


... read the full article and then, tell Me how you feel about his wonderful story of submission ;P

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Chastity Diaries

Long term chastity training.  Even the words bring Me erotic pleasure – and make My 
slaves’ hearts race with both excitement and with fear!  Would you be able to survive 
the kind of torment I have decided to enforce on My chastity slave Phil – as he learns 
that, where the enslavement and “encagement” of his cock and balls is concerned, 
“STEEL IS THE NEW PLASTIC”!  Pictures of My Perfectly Cruelly Teasing Self, 
detailed descriptions of his torment, and more!

$1 to start

Really cool project featuring CELLPHONE SELFIES and 
HIGH GLOSS  PICTURES shot with My Professional Camera!

AND lots of pics taken by slave phil himself!



voice RECORDING "In my lovesick worshipper cage"

... for My best paypets to experience 
near the end of this PTV series -- 
ONLY if you spend, and spend, 
and spend... 
to deserve such a HOT treat, of course ;P



A list of My older PTV games :D These are NOT featured on My NITEFLIRT page anymore because I am lacking space! But they are as exciting as My newest projects, boys... so, INDULGE! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Jewel Heist

Hypnotic voice message and 
tantalizing worship picture

Look deep into My eyes 
behind this mask... 

Allow your mind to 
flood with fantasy

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wellspring of pleasure

Hypnotic audio treasure

Why would you want to drive Me from your mind?

Did I not warn you?
That I would grow on you relentlessly...

Worship Picture + MP3

Monday, September 29, 2014

SUBMIT - A word that makes you HOT

Brand new PTV game!!
Are you excited, boys?

SUBMIT- A word that makes you HOT

The CEO, the Arab sheik, the movie star, I rule them all, exploit them to My heart's content. 
Now it is your turn to contribute what you have and feel the pleasure that comes from 
obeying Me. This is your chance to worship the hottest selfies on earth and earn 
the right to download compelling MP3s that will destruct your pathetic ego. 
Let Me rebuilt your personality as I see fit.

It's only $1 to start... ...how risky can it be, huh?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sultry Economics 101!

Welcome to Sultry Economics 101! In this course you will be learning the most important and valuable and significant lessons that you will ever learn in your entire life – lessons in how to be a good paypet slave for Me!

Monday, August 18, 2014


I feel like playing with My TWITTER account a bit -  I opened it about 5 years ago but it has always lain dormant ever since! 

Do you like the idea? 
Hehe, of course you do.


By the way, I AM NOT active on FACEBOOK at all. Many fans have opened FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS during the past years to pay homage to ME -- but, all those FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS about ME... DO NOT BELONG TO ME! Same thing for the yahoogroups that are dedicated to ME, they are FAN MADE. Never hesitate to report any suspiscion of fraud! I don't mind people paying homage to Me but, of course, if you suspect that someone is pretending to be ME (it happens every now and then), tell Me about it so that I can take care of it. Take note that the OFFICIAL EMAIL ADDRESS you should rely upon in order to get in touch with ME nowadays AND/OR send ME egifts and online tributes is: VALENTINEDEVILLE_HOTMAIL_COM

On top of this, you can also safely MESSAGE ME at anytime and TRIBUTE ME through NITEFIRT via My main niteflirt account: goddessvalentine ...as most of you know, I log in there fairly regularly for our mutual pleasure and decadence. (I also own the accounts named valentinedeville and beautifulyoungdominant although I won't log into those much often.)

Here's the niteflirt listing for which I regularly open My mind-boggling live domination phoneline:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to school for you boys... very very soon

I always take September as a golden opportunity to play... THE NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRLI looooooove the "Back to school" season, it reminds Me of when I was a little girl, going to school, already teasing males, of course.

Here's a teaser of the brand new pictures I shot last week...
...a very naughty schoolgirl is getting ready 
for your Back to School Toolkit 2014, 
submissive students

Ready to plan your future with Me, as My slave? Prepared to expand your horizons by enrolling in My brilliant academic power exchange programs?

What do you need to study effectively and get good grades, huh? Would My stunning latex-clad schoolgirl persona help somehow? I bet that My twisted mind, manipulating your most crippling weaknesses, would seal the deal. Well, do you know what I want from you now? I want you to write about how pathetic you feel, exposing your struggle to live as a real man, dominant and alpha, by society's standards. Spill it all on My blog for everyone else to see, and understand as they please.

Friday, August 1, 2014

AUGUST 2 -- Happy Birthday to ME

Festive Bday AUDIO BOMB!!

Three different tribute options... 
for the same goddamn clip!

"The loser without shame" PRICE!
That's right, this is the button for shameless losers.
Click it once and always be a loser.
Click it four times and at least you're a loser who's trying.

"The slave who wants to please" PRICE!
This is the button that begins to please Me.
The more it's clicked, the more I'm pleased.
And the more intense the submissive thrill for you.


"The totally obsessed paypet" PREMIUM PRICE!
This is the button for the totally obsessed,
For the boys who know everything they have is MINE.
And this button too will work more than once!

Here is a question slave: Can you believe
That i should speak to one as low as you?

I AM the greatest gift you could receive.

So what, I ask, do you propose to do
For me on My birthday? Here is a chance
To prove your worth (feeble as it may be).

Reach down and dig that wallet from your pants
Take out those credit cards and spoil Me
Let's start with cash -- $1000 would suffice
To demonstrate some proper gratitude.
A pair of Jimmy Choos, those would be nice,
La Perla for My nights of lassitude,
There is no limit in this game, My pet.
The more you give the hotter you will get!


Obsess over My Bday audio recording
While I am cashing in on your adoration

And now, before I leave you all to experience My Bday AUDIO BOMB
 a little bit of prose to celebrate My provocative magnificience on this glorious day:

oh! what do you think of these quick tantalizing phone shots taken on the terrace? 

Anyway! Have a nice day while you daydream about ME celebrating My Bday. Sit still in front of your computer and obsess over My perfect GODdess life, slave.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poetry Questionnaire

Upon My crystal throne I sit enshrined

In splendor and luxurious array

Your lithe and lissom GODdess Valentine

Who guides your thoughts and actions night and day