Thursday, March 26, 2015

Settling the bill

These outstandingly hot shots of intense beauty and power will dreamily lull you into carelessness! Experience how I settled the bill with the lucky boy who has now become... nothing less than My blackmailed home renovation slave :P

 BONUS!  The winning audio fantasy (from last week's writing contest) is only one click away! It is 21 minutes long and it sounds like pure cinematographic heaven :) 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Write an erotic fantasy story inspired by this picture

Here's a tantalizing preview from My up-coming photo series (and PTV feature) -- 
which I am going to release in a week or two ;)

This feature will be build on an incredible true story that happened in My everyday life 
while giving you the opportunity to experience the same kind of emotional intensity I inflicted upon My realtime prey!

But for now --
I want to know:

What Do YOU See in the Picture?  

My perfect self (in a sexy "Hitchcock meets Bardot" knee-high dress) holding a black pencil in one hand and sheets of paper fixed to a plastic clipboard in the other... 

Yessss, that's what you see at first, but then what? 

Go further :)

Fantasize about that picture...

I have a writing assignment to go along with it:


Look at the picture. Your task is to write an erotic fantasy story inspired by it.  Write a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Try to portray the person or persons I am with.  What emotions, thoughts, and desires are in play between us? What led to the situation depicted in the picture and how does everything turn out in the end?

Gaze at the picture for several seconds before writing your post. Once you start, write whatever story comes into your mind. You should write continuously for about 10 minutes. If you need more than 10 minutes continue writing until you are finished. Then push the POST COMMENT button!

My favorite story will be recording as an audio fantasy clip ;D


My friend's Richard Evans Lee owns several blogs where he posts femdom art and exquisite female supremacist fantasies that will stimulate your senses and get your creative juices flowing. And he actually featured Me on last week :) check that out too!


1- If your story doesn't fit within a single comment...
     Post it in several parts!

2- Pick a title for your story and write subtitles to each part accordingly...

3- I will choose My favorite script on Monday March 23 --
    then, record your fervently crafted words with My exquisite voice ;) 
    and release My stunning  feature during the course of that same week -- soooo... STAY TUNED!

10th anniversary

 I am never in a rush to open My gifts and tributes. I believe they should wait until the mood takes Me.  Period.  I have had that envelope in My purse for several days now.  Yesterday evening I was clearing out the papers that cluttered My purse and as I looked at the envelope it felt like the right time to open it.  What I found inside was a real cause for celebration: a gorgeous treat that reminded Me how adored and taken care of I am. It was a nice chunky check for $10 000 from one of My long-time devoted admirers to mark the 10th anniversary of our GODdess-worshipper relationship!

Sometimes, I have these incredibly intense moments where I deeply realize how happy I am to have connected with so many devoted men throughout My web adventure as a worshipped GODdess.  I started My website in 2004 and met many of My most faithful and generous paypets during that first year of online presence (and they are still serving Me, devotedly!)  Some of My long-time worshippers have been serving Me for over 10 years now - can you imagine?! This is the case with the very special pet who sent Me this beautiful $10 000 USD check (at the current exchange rate of 1.2598 it will appears as 12,598 CAD in My bank account ;P).  If My memory is correct, the very first tribute he ever sent Me was a cute hundred dollar bill folded inside a beautiful hand-written letter.  Over time, I incited him to steadily increase his tributes while his devotion kept rising to ever greater heights.  For the first few years, My dear servant was faithfully enrolled in My highest Love Tax.  He was also sending Me cash tributes in the mail, gift certificates for My favorite e-stores and a lot of marvellous, unexpected and well-chosen gifts directly to My mailbox.  I still have every greeting card he has ever written Me (I keep EVERY card and letter I receive, boys!)  I must say that he is one of the most poetic and classy paypets I ever had.  The actual way he writes to Me is absolutely breath-taking every time.  I also have the pleasure of owning a Victoria's Secret credit card for which he is paying the bill every month!  He made the arrangements for it a few years ago and I have been using it ever since -- whenever I feel like indulging My Victoria's Secret whims!  I actually made him increase My card's limit from 500$ to 1000$ because 500$ was never enough for My typical shopping sprees at VS!  And well, last but not least, he has been sending Me checks routinely for years now; checks with specific amounts written on them and BLANK CHECKS (My favorite) for Me to fill in as I please!  Once he started to send the checks, I guess we both really really liked it because... it became his primary way of spoiling Me :)

I don't know how much money that dear admirer sent Me over the years.  I don't even count the thousands of dollars he sends Me in any one year -- I don't care about such details.  I hate mathematics or being overly Cartesian! I know for sure that he has been providing Me with a lot of amazing emotions, infinite love and exquisite delights of many kinds.  The money that My worshippers are giving Me is LOVE to Me (to them too, of course).  That's what I set out to get for Myself when I started My website over a decade ago and that's what I have been getting. And you know LOVE doesn’t take the same form for everyone.  Everyone has their own definition of LOVE.  Some people feel LOVE when they find someone they can take care of.  Some people feel LOVE when they are being taken care of.  Some people feel LOVE when they find vanilla companionship and physical attraction in the same person.  Some people feel LOVE when they are ignored or kept at a distance.  Some people feel LOVE when they need to work hard at pursuing someone.  Some people feel LOVE when they are being consensually used and abused.  Some people feel LOVE when they are losing themselves completely through infatuation.  Some people feel LOVE when they are learning from someone.  No one should ever JUDGE the way that LOVE is experienced by others (unless it is not consensual or involves minors). LOVE is first inspired by what we experience as a child from our primary caregivers and this is the starting point from which it expands and evolves.  Those of you who know Me well already know the story of My childhood.  For those of you who don’t: I grew up in the house of a single parent father who never remarried.  My father was a successful and very busy business man.  He was incredibly wealthy and primarily showed his LOVE with his money.  He was outrageously generous with the ones he loved.  (Do you see a similarity with My unique relationship to money?)  Of course, I am capable of having different kinds of relationships with men or money and I do experiment with them so I can explore Myself further and keep evolving, but what feels most natural to Me is an intimate connection with a man that involves him money-showering Me -- that is where I feel most at home.

I am not saying the kind of love provided Me as a child with the ideal growing environment, but hey, that's how it was.  There is nothing I can do about that.  To embrace reality is to grow from it so I built Myself around that love/money equation.  On the other hand, My childhood experience pushed Me into an extensive exploration of My femininity because I didn't have an immediate feminine role model. Through this I understood the power My beauty gave Me and how that fitted with My natural dominance.  It also sparked a desire for strong emotional connections and I sought this through a close understanding of my own emotions and by building close relationships of equal emotional understanding and openness with the men I chose to seduce.  I took the path of openly sharing My emotional make up with others and others reciprocated.  This was incredibly nourishing.  Online I generated a kind of extended family, a large and supportive clan, by whom I could at last be celebrated in My womanhood.  This provided the personal validation I needed to grow.  I became a mistress of feminine seduction, forging strong emotional connections and emotionally open and honest communication.  I think I would have turned into a more conventional kind of person if I had had a more conventional experience of love and family to start with, but instead I became this one-of-a-kind, highly creative self-invented living work of art; fabulous, daring, exuberant and totally uncompromising; an intensely worshipped epitome of a modern goddess-incarnation who is adored and respected precisely because of her uniqueness. 

If I am writing extensively on this subject, it is simply to inspire others, women or men, who might be feeling estranged from something because of the way they experience love, sex, desire, money, etc.  Not everyone is going to fit into some stereotypical model of adulthood or relationships imposed on them by society’s expectations -- especially if for whatever reason you were not given the conventional tools that you needed to fit into that mold in the first place.  But so what?  That is perfectly alright.  It’s fine.  We’re not all meant to be the same.  We’re not all going to get everything that everyone else has – or that we imagine everyone else has.  (In fact, some of it you might not actually want anyway.)  There’s nothing bad in this; it just means other things await you.  You have a different way of finding that balance within yourself that tells you when you’ve got what you need, that you’ve arrived and this is who you are and who you’re meant to be.  You have to find a way to realise and to live your unique destiny. However you do this, the results are likely to be far more original than the ordinary lives a lot of other people will create for themselves.  Remember that being different and not seeing yourself reflected in most other people gives you the drive – and the opportunity – to know yourself better. To understand yourself, the only place you can look is inside.  So if you ever feel out of place, look inside and embrace what you see in there.  Know that your emotional make up, your inner-self, is as valid as anyone else’s.  It should be respected and nurtured.  Don't ever feel uncomfortable about your singular qualities; they are hidden treasures.  Tune in to yourself and draw whatever maps you need to get where you need to go.  If the world doesn't fit you, create a world of your own ;) That’s the journey that I (and many of My paypets) took and you’re more than welcome to join Me on it.  The more the merrier! 

Your GODdess,

PS- I still have to bank two other checks 
that he recently sent Me... 
LOL! I am deliciously nonchalant, I know! 
Am I not incredibly beautiful that way? ;)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Chambers of your Mind

I have spent time in deep reflection and contemplation to record a sumptuous collection 
of gorgeously expensive audio mind-manipulations. 

 For each one I want you to read the description, 
pay tribute to ME, and then listen. 

 In any order you like, I want you to listen to all of them. 

As you listen to each clip 
 You will enter the perfect slave state of mind - 


 Tasting the sweet 
nectar of delirium... 
 ...that only your 
GODdess can give. 

 My voice will feel more powerful than sex; 
 Sublime and transcendent, 
 A pearl beyond price.


BEFORE you click the BUY NOW button
and start your FRENTIC spending spree!
listen to these cruel tantalizing teasers:



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How do you feel when I look at you this way?

I wondered how profitable pouncing on all the drunken pets would be... and it turned out to be pretty beneficial so far! The compulsion is sometimes almost impossible to control for My desperate lovesick little goddess addicts (as if they had any resistance left) ;P Ah! What can I say? Playing with you boys is always so much fun! OK, so now, take a deep breath and look at this extra exclusive image I shot during the "Intoxication Domination" session:

 How do you feel when I look at you this way?


PS- EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to post a 
"Sumptuous collection of gorgeously expensive audio mind-bogglers" the next couple days! LOOK FOWARD TO IT :P

Monday, February 16, 2015

NEW!! The "Intoxication Domination" Game

I had so much fun shooting these pics! I got pretty tipsy! But, not as much as YOU will! Mouhahahahahahaha!! Follow the game instructions perfectly for maximal arousal ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Je suis la "marraine" d'un nouveau blog & projet passionnant:

matriarchy   (society led by women)   matriarcat

I have been asked, by the author of MATRIARCAT, to become the "godmother" of the site, which means that I will be giving My feminine point of views on some of his own masculine (but incredibly lucid and pleasing) point of views revolving around this honorable subject. This project is so damn interesting, I am absolutely thrilled to collaborate on it. I invite you all, to dive into this fabulous blog which is dedicated to put women back on their pedestals. If you do not understand French, you can easily translate it, directly within your browser (right click to get the translation option) or using Google's free online language translation ( in any case, you totally want to decipher the comments I will be posting on blog ;) 

Some extracts of the comments I already posted on MATRIARCAT:

"Homme propose, femme dispose" Ce vieil adage démontre bien le schéma traditionnel des relations homme/femme. Cela dit, depuis que les femmes ont la possibilité d'être plus dominantes en société, cette dynamique ne va plus nécessairement de soi. Et c'est là que bien des femmes font fausse route si vous voulez mon avis! Les femmes doivent comprendre la nuance importante entre: une pré-dominance agressive (tout faire et trop en faire, par exemple) versus une ascendance subtile ou une douce suprémacie qui garde un certain degré d'inactivité... +++ 

L'hypergamie est un concept fascinant et j'aime beaucoup en jouer avec mes fans ;P La mesure du prestige que la femme accorde à un homme dépend de ses priorités et de ses besoins et varie d'une femme à l'autre (dans une société aussi hétéroclite que la nôtre), mais aussi, c'est un concept qui se transforme d'une relation à l'autre pour une même femme. Par exemple, mes critères de sélection quant aux relations intimes que j'entretiens avec... +++ 

Les femmes ne se rendent pas compte du fardeau que le féminisme leur impose. On ne peut jouir des bons aspects de la féminité si on l'a troquée pour une identité masculine. Et on substitue alors, par le fait même, tout ce qui devrait être le propre de l'homme. Comment réussir à avoir des relations satisfaisantes dans une configuration pareille? On le constate aisément lorsque les femmes essaient de combiner carrière et maternité dans notre société. Plusieurs de mes copines (fortement éduquées et carriéristes à fond) ont entrepris ce contrat ingrat et... +++ 

EXTRA NOTE -- Leave your comments!
Don't hesisitate to leave your comments about the threads that interests you -- if you don't speak French, leave them in English  -- the blog is written in French, by a French Québécois, but he, and I, and most people who live in Quebec, are perfectly bilingual ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have a peek at My sun-kissed body as I cruelly teased a boy on the beach 
during My latest exotic vacation... Goddess Valentine style!
Experience My beautiful ass in that tiny little pink bikini bottom...
My perfect breast inside that exquisitely-cut triangle top...
My glances at you -- like laser-guided mind control missiles...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Deservedly Spoiled

Happy 2015, slaves

I spent the Holidays in the Caribbean!

Here's a tiny teaser of My perfect candid beauty on the beach...

I could make a niteflirt feature with a selection of My vacation pics (for February maybe)...
but only -- if you are ready to spend lots of hundred dollars in order to see them, of course ;P

What? Would you really really really like that?? LOL 

Let Me know... if you beg Me enough, I might end up wanting to reward and torment you further!


But for now, let's talk about
January's feature

Deservedly Spoiled!
Which features the most exquisite pictures I ever shot 
(in My taste, anyway -- I know YOU like ALL My pics, hehe)

Gaze at the mesmerizing beauty of My deservedly spoiled Self in revealing pink lingerie --
and like all weak males... you too will feel an overwhelming desire to submit to Me, 
to spoil Me and to give ALL that you have... to ME ;P (and even MORE!)
Gorgeous high definition worship images AND a mind-bending 
assignment in every ptv in the series! 


My "Deservedly Spoiled" series looooook so artistically gorgeous, kind of like paintings from pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis, don't you agree?

What do you think, boys?  ;D

Monday, December 8, 2014

Spells N Roses


Another exquisite and highly expensive recording to celebrate the Holidays!

This picture & audio clip are absolutely elevating...
I was feeling soooo inspired and seductive! Listen up, boys!

Download My new magnificently poetic layout, MP3 gem and astonishing worship image +
(a cellphone pic I took on My bed while wearing an incredibly sexy, body-hugging, long rose print dress)

One look and I have claimed you as My own. 
More real than anyone you've ever known.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sometimes it is a lovely email that inspires Me to be generous...

I recorded an hypnotic induction a few weeks ago, just for fun, never intended to publish it or anything... until yesterday! I received the following email -- and thought: "Mmmm, let's see... I will be a very generous goddess and share the hypnotic treasure I had initially only recorded for Myself ;) why not share it after all? Lay your tributes at My feet like good addicted worshippers...

Dear Goddess Valentine
Please accept my apology in advance, I really do not intend to ramble but I fear I might.
This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, I stumbled across your twitter page somehow a couple of days a go, I honestly can't remember how, possibly via Bianca Beauchamp's twitter page however I have practically been studying your website ever since.
I say studying, actually gawking, gazing, fantasising, I actually had quite a budding relationship with a work colleague until Monday, I have become an unresponsive, one minded, boring love struck robot, I thought it would help by joining niteflirt, it absolutely has not worked, 6 ppvs later I feel a combination of butterfly's & to be quite honest, I feel sick, like a teenager again, excited, nervous & now I absolutely must pay homage to you.
Your voice, your beauty, your creative imagination, you are literally perfection, your lips, I could honestly kiss my screen, in fact I just have, I prey & hope somehow I can be of use to you, to be used by you, what a pleasure, an honour, I'm begging, on my hands & knees, I have already begun cutbacks, I am actually moving into a new place shortly & I am sure I can create extra income for you by selling unused items & stuff I may or may not need, I feel I am already being moulded by just the knowledge of your existence.
In the last few days subconsciously I think I already begun spending less, I have included $25 I have saved & that's just from avoiding my favourite soft drinks, I was wondering if you like films, I adore films, I was thinking maybe instead of going to the cinema twice a week, I could pay for you to go to the cinema or buy DVDs/blurays for you Instead of selfishly for me, or if you have any subscriptions for things like Netflix, I would love to pay for stuff like that maybe?
I have your blackmail audio on loop while I write this, I can't even think straight, your my oxygen at the moment lol now listening to the $1 secret shortcut, omg I really need to pull myself together.
I can't wait to hear from you, it's currently 16:41 here in England, I don't think I will get one wink of sleep tonight, do you have any audio that might help me sleep or to simply dream about you lol, you are such a fantastic teasing writer, I can only imagine there is nothing you can't do.
I have also sent this email to your niteflirt address, I hope that's ok.
Lots of puppy dog love

The following audio can totally lull you to sleep, boy ;P

And, on top of inducing exotic daydreaming, to the sound of My voice...
it will also increase the power of any of My other exquisite audio clips when played right after...

Indulge now:

Listen to this 18 minutes audio clip to enter a deep trance before any of My other recordings. Play it while you are lying on your bed or on your couch. For extra enjoyment, make sure it is immediately followed by your very favorite recordings or audio mantras! This long hypnotic induction will make you relax completely, it will free you from your anxieties of the day and put you in a subconscious place where you will effortlessly discover strong inner forces that will allow you to be successfully programmed by My sweet GODdess voice... and on your way to be in My TOP LIST of totally enslaved submissive minds ;) that's right, lucky thing, surrender and please ME :)


Friday, November 28, 2014

Agent Provocateur

Red satin now the watchword for the night... The season of seduction is at hand...
Your dangerous goddess plays outside the lines... Who knows where these pictures 
and audio clips will lead you? A hundred now, a thousand by next week!
Experience each of My decadent mind-boggling treats as if it's your last.
Let your lust become the thing that turns your will to dust.

Only $1 to start, loser

Leave your comment to tell Me how much you LOOOOVE and ADOOOORE Me
in this highly expensive series of visual/audio collectibles... 

(...clad in exquisite Agent Provocateur lingerie, red cashmere sweater, 
sexy purple pumps & red-seamed stockings... ouch!)


Check out My Wonderful Niteflirt Listing:

And My Niteflirt Archives:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New fascinating interview!!

I have been interviewed for an italian femdom forum,
check out the full interview (in both italian and english) here: