GODdess Valentine DeVille

GODdess Valentine DeVille

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Chastity Diaries

Long term chastity training.  Even the words bring Me erotic pleasure – and make My 
slaves’ hearts race with both excitement and with fear!  Would you be able to survive 
the kind of torment I have decided to enforce on My chastity slave Phil – as he learns 
that, where the enslavement and “encagement” of his cock and balls is concerned, 
“STEEL IS THE NEW PLASTIC”!  Pictures of My Perfectly Cruelly Teasing Self, 
detailed descriptions of his torment, and more!

$1 to start

Really cool project featuring CELLPHONE SELFIES and 
HIGH GLOSS  PICTURES shot with My Professional Camera!

AND lots of pics taken by slave phil himself!



voice RECORDING "In my lovesick worshipper cage"

... for My best paypets to experience 
near the end of this PTV series -- 
ONLY if you spend, and spend, 
and spend... 
to deserve such a HOT treat, of course ;P



A list of My older PTV games :D These are NOT featured on My NITEFLIRT page anymore because I am lacking space! But they are as exciting as My newest projects, boys... so, INDULGE! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Jewel Heist

Hypnotic voice message and 
tantalizing worship picture

Look deep into My eyes 
behind this mask... 

Allow your mind to 
flood with fantasy

Friday, October 3, 2014

Wellspring of pleasure

Hypnotic audio treasure

Why would you want to drive Me from your mind?

Did I not warn you?
That I would grow on you relentlessly...

Worship Picture + MP3

Monday, September 29, 2014

SUBMIT - A word that makes you HOT

Brand new PTV game!!
Are you excited, boys?

SUBMIT- A word that makes you HOT

The CEO, the Arab sheik, the movie star, I rule them all, exploit them to My heart's content. 
Now it is your turn to contribute what you have and feel the pleasure that comes from 
obeying Me. This is your chance to worship the hottest selfies on earth and earn 
the right to download compelling MP3s that will destruct your pathetic ego. 
Let Me rebuilt your personality as I see fit.

It's only $1 to start... ...how risky can it be, huh?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sultry Economics 101!

Welcome to Sultry Economics 101! In this course you will be learning the most important and valuable and significant lessons that you will ever learn in your entire life – lessons in how to be a good paypet slave for Me!

Monday, August 18, 2014


I feel like playing with My TWITTER account a bit -  I opened it about 5 years ago but it has always lain dormant ever since! 

Do you like the idea? 
Hehe, of course you do.


By the way, I AM NOT active on FACEBOOK at all. Many fans have opened FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS during the past years to pay homage to ME -- but, all those FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS about ME... DO NOT BELONG TO ME! Same thing for the yahoogroups that are dedicated to ME, they are FAN MADE. Never hesitate to report any suspiscion of fraud! I don't mind people paying homage to Me but, of course, if you suspect that someone is pretending to be ME (it happens every now and then), tell Me about it so that I can take care of it. Take note that the OFFICIAL EMAIL ADDRESS you should rely upon in order to get in touch with ME nowadays AND/OR send ME egifts and online tributes is: VALENTINEDEVILLE_HOTMAIL_COM

On top of this, you can also safely MESSAGE ME at anytime and TRIBUTE ME through NITEFIRT via My main niteflirt account: goddessvalentine ...as most of you know, I log in there fairly regularly for our mutual pleasure and decadence. (I also own the accounts named valentinedeville and beautifulyoungdominant although I won't log into those much often.)

Here's the niteflirt listing for which I regularly open My mind-boggling live domination phoneline:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to school for you boys... very very soon

I always take September as a golden opportunity to play... THE NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRLI looooooove the "Back to school" season, it reminds Me of when I was a little girl, going to school, already teasing males, of course.

Here's a teaser of the brand new pictures I shot last week...
...a very naughty schoolgirl is getting ready 
for your Back to School Toolkit 2014, 
submissive students

Ready to plan your future with Me, as My slave? Prepared to expand your horizons by enrolling in My brilliant academic power exchange programs?

What do you need to study effectively and get good grades, huh? Would My stunning latex-clad schoolgirl persona help somehow? I bet that My twisted mind, manipulating your most crippling weaknesses, would seal the deal. Well, do you know what I want from you now? I want you to write about how pathetic you feel, exposing your struggle to live as a real man, dominant and alpha, by society's standards. Spill it all on My blog for everyone else to see, and understand as they please.

Friday, August 1, 2014

AUGUST 2 -- Happy Birthday to ME

Festive Bday AUDIO BOMB!!

Three different tribute options... 
for the same goddamn clip!

"The loser without shame" PRICE!
That's right, this is the button for shameless losers.
Click it once and always be a loser.
Click it four times and at least you're a loser who's trying.

"The slave who wants to please" PRICE!
This is the button that begins to please Me.
The more it's clicked, the more I'm pleased.
And the more intense the submissive thrill for you.


"The totally obsessed paypet" PREMIUM PRICE!
This is the button for the totally obsessed,
For the boys who know everything they have is MINE.
And this button too will work more than once!

Here is a question slave: Can you believe
That i should speak to one as low as you?

I AM the greatest gift you could receive.

So what, I ask, do you propose to do
For me on My birthday? Here is a chance
To prove your worth (feeble as it may be).

Reach down and dig that wallet from your pants
Take out those credit cards and spoil Me
Let's start with cash -- $1000 would suffice
To demonstrate some proper gratitude.
A pair of Jimmy Choos, those would be nice,
La Perla for My nights of lassitude,
There is no limit in this game, My pet.
The more you give the hotter you will get!


Obsess over My Bday audio recording
While I am cashing in on your adoration

And now, before I leave you all to experience My Bday AUDIO BOMB
 a little bit of prose to celebrate My provocative magnificience on this glorious day:

oh! what do you think of these quick tantalizing phone shots taken on the terrace? 

Anyway! Have a nice day while you daydream about ME celebrating My Bday. Sit still in front of your computer and obsess over My perfect GODdess life, slave.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poetry Questionnaire

Upon My crystal throne I sit enshrined

In splendor and luxurious array

Your lithe and lissom GODdess Valentine

Who guides your thoughts and actions night and day

Monday, July 21, 2014


My Bday is coming up!
August 2 :D

Put your offerings at My feet via the marvelous Bday tribute board below:

            How would you like to be My chauffeur for the day?

Take the keys, boy.  Your dream trip starts here.

But where are we going and what do I have planned for you?
TRIBUTE $25 for My up-coming Bday!

It’s something I know you’ll enjoy!

Sitting beside Me in a short Summer dress and the wind in My hair.

Eyes on the road, boy

TRIBUTE $50 for My up-coming Bday!

 We’ve arrived at the mall.  I’m taking you shopping – for Me.
Open the door for Me like a good chauffeur.
So, what am I going to buy with your hard earned money?

TRIBUTE $75 for My up-coming Bday!

    I’m shopping for tiny sexy bikinis for Summer.
Maybe I’ll wear one of My new bikinis back in the car.
Could you keep your eyes on the road if I sat next to you in a bikini?

TRIBUTE $100 for My up-coming Bday!

 Could you have kept your eyes on the road, boy?  Really?
Mmm, I feel sexy.  Take Me to the pool.
Sorry, boy.  You wait in the car like a good little chauffeur.
TRIBUTE $150 for My up-coming Bday!

Go, push a button, or better, all of them!

Be a good piggy bank for Me -
I will spend your tributes on Bday luxuries!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BDSM DREAM -- New mindfuck!

How often have you longed to find your GODdess deeply in repose, attired in exotic, sexy clothes. You lean down to wake Me with a kiss and My dream is revealed... 

This is your fantasy, slave. It has lain dormant all these years. A seed inside you as you built your life, made friends, earned money, married, gained prestige. How could all you have striven to achieve have sunk to this pathetic state of affairs? Why do you comply with anything I ask, however perverted or cruel, humiliating or wrong?  Well, well, My poor little thing. I know exactly what it is you want. Whatever I suggest, you instantly agree. You have no more thoughts, only fantasies. The cost of My approval grows steeper as your dark obsession spirals deeper... Play the game with Me, boy. What do you think I'm going to pull out? What would make you hot and submissive? 

(High Definition Photo Extravaganza & Hypnotic Audio Recordings)

A token of the danger and excitement ahead... 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Blackmail Baptism

Adorned with the Flowers of Evil
I beckon you into My dark garden
Delight and terror deeply intertwined
Your baptism awaits
In the Waters of Blackmail
Deliciously sweet
Incomparably addictive
Armed with psychic toxins
I can paralyze with a word
Even kill with a thought
Feel My power enveloping you
The Poisoned Vine
Creeping into your mind
Piglet thrashing, wide-eyed with alarm
Welcome to the Jungle

I made a screenshot of how much money I made last month!! 
Click the following BUY NOW button 
to have a look at it...

...1/3 was from My newest blackmail slave!!

 Curious what it was like for him to be drained of so much money in just 3 days?

 Well – that’s what this PTV feature is all about – revealing all the details of the roller coast ride of one blackmailed loser’s emotional and financial suffering and submission!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pandora VS Eve?

On one side, there is PANDORA...

From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.

On the other side, there is EVE... 

She saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, 
and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. 
She also gave some to her slaves, who was with her, and they ate it too.

Goddess' plan for man is that man gain wisdom.

Once you engage or enter into a specific sin – 
you get to experience the “knowledge” of it!




New summer tribute opportunities coming up... 
Be ready to spoil your GODdess!   

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Slave to Fashion

 Slave to Fashion 
  :: Voyeuristic Pipe Dream ::   

Do you like My sense of style, loser?

Have a look. This is My revamped version of the traditional BDSM cliché.
Hot, I know. Bold and sultry.

Listen up to 3 minutes of My exquisite velvet voice...

Taste the pleasure that informs you you're alive

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Like a lion stalks Her prey

Making the HEADLINES!

Stories about rich, successful men
These get My undivided attention
I like to find out where they like to go to play
Then hunt them like a lion stalks Her prey...

Listen up to this new audio recording 
where I talk about My predatory strategies and give some hints about possible outcomes ;P